Drop Point
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Rockhounding, Nebraska & Samuel R. McKelvie National Forests Buffalo Gap, Fort Pierre, & Oglala National Grasslands
N 42°50.004'     W 103°0.001'
The Oglala National Grassland and surrounding area is a virtual paradise for those interested in rocks, minerals, gemstones and fossils. Those who collect these treasures are often called rockhounds. Rockhounding is allowed anywhere on the National Grsslands, with some restrictions. Collecting on private land requires permission from the owner. A permit is required for the collection of vertebrate paleontological specimens, including their trace fossils (tracks) on any federal lands. These permits are issued only for scientific research and educational purposes. For further information, contact us. Restrictions associated with rockhounding are as follows: collection of any objects for commercial purposes is prohibited; trading and bartering are considered commercial activities. USDA, Forest Service policy and guidance in 36 CFR 261.9 states "The following are prohibited: digging in, excavating, disturbing, injuring, destroying, or in any way damaging any prehistoric, historic or archeological objects."
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