Hiking, Ozark National Scenic Riverways , Missouri

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About Hiking, Ozark National Scenic Riverways :

The hills and forests of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways area invite the hiker. The park only maintains a few trails, we hope to increase the number in the future. In addition, all dirt roads and old traces are open to hiking, and except for horseback riders, there won't be much traffic. The National Park Service is in the process of marking some of the trails, but a good topographical map will help. Many trails leave the park and cross private or state lands. Please respect others' rights.

A few common sense rules will help you have a safe and enjoyable experience.
Ticks are abundant in the spring, summer and fall, and may even be picked up during the coldest months. Check yourself regularly, wear light colored clothing and stay away from high grass if possible. A good insect repellent sprayed on your pants legs may help.
Poisonous snakes are found in the area, but are seldom a problem. Most snakebites occur when people try to catch, kill, or otherwise interact with the snake. If you see a snake, simply make a wide circle around him and go on your way and let the snake go on his. Killing snakes is prohibited in Missouri.

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About Hiking, Ozark National Scenic Riverways :
The Ozark National Scenic Riverways is a national park in The Ozarks area of south central Missouri and in the United States. The park was created by an Act of Congress in 1964 to protect the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers. Today the park is used for many forms of recreation and is home to abundant animal and plant species. Canoeing is the most popular activity, with some 1.3 million visitors coming to the area each year. Canoe rental companies in the towns and campgrounds make this easy and fun. Other activities include horseback riding, hunting, hiking, fishing, camping and just plain sightseeing.
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