Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park, Kentucky

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About Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park:

Located on Kentucky's southern border, this resort park offers a vast, unspoiled wilderness to refresh and rejuvenate the senses.

History of Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park

Established in 1978

Dale Hollow State Park is located in south-central Kentucky in the Cumberland River basin on the Obey River. The huge reservoir created by Dale Hollow Dam covers 27,700 acres in parts of Clinton and Cumberland Counties in Kentucky and Clay, Fentress, Overton, and Pickett in Tennessee. Dale Hollow Dam and Reservoir controls the runoff drainage area of 935 square miles. Both the dam and reservoir are under the oversight of the Army Corps of Engineers. Completed in 1943, the dam and reservoir not only provides flood control, but also generates large amounts of electrical power. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) operates and distributes the electrical power for regional consumption. The dam is 1, 717 feet in length and holds back a lake that is 61 miles long with 653 miles of shoreline, and has a 120-foot depth at its deepest point.

The majority of the Dale Hollow Reservoir lies in northern Tennessee. However, two extensive projections of the l

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N 36°40.04034'

W 85°18.02274'

Ample cruising waters are edged with plenty of inlets and dotted with islands. Dale Hollow State Park Marina This brand new park marin...

The Mary Ray Oaken Lodge

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N 36°40.04034'

W 85°18.02274'

The cliff top lodge, built of limestone and massive timbers, sits high on a bluff overlooking the 28,000-acre lake and surrounding woodlands...

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