Muddy Creek Historic Backway, Wyoming

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About Muddy Creek Historic Backway:

Length: 25.0 mi / 40.2 km
Time to Allow: About 1 hour

The Muddy Creek Historic Backway provides access to locations well off the beaten path. Twenty-five miles of back roads will lead you from a real western ghost town to Muddy Creek, one of the most famous camping spots of the western migration.

Driving the Byway

The byway starts on WY-219 in the town of Fort Bridger.

* Head south on WY-219 to the intersection with WY-217.
* Go west and south on WY-217 to the intersection with WY-212.
* Go west on WY-212 to the intersection with WY-202 then WY-173
* Go south on WY-173 to the ghost town of Piedmont.
* Then return north on WY-173 to I-80 at exit 24, known as the LeRoy exit.

In less technical terms, from the west, the route extends from I-80, Exit 24, 1.5 miles to a fork in the road, south to Piedmont, and back at this split, then east to junction 224 at Fort Bridger. It appears as a “Y” tipped to the left, with the tip of the right arm of the “Y” representing I-80, Exit 24.

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