Mirror Lake Scenic Byway , Wyoming

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About Mirror Lake Scenic Byway :

Length: 20.0 mi / 32.2 km
Time to Allow: Approximately 20 minutes

The Mirror Lake Highway, SR 150, runs from Kamas, UT to Evanston, WY, bisecting the western portion of the Uinta Mountains. Both Wyoming and Utah have designated this entire stretch of highway, approximately 78 miles, as a State Scenic Byway. Its Scenic Byway status acknowledges the spectacular scenery and historic significance of the highway.

Much of the byway (42 miles) runs through the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The Mirror Lake area encompasses approximately 320 square miles of the National Forest. The area is highly diverse and is characterized by sagebrush flats, aspen and coniferous forests, high mountains, grassy meadows, alpine tundra, and an abundance of lakes, streams, and wetlands.

Driving the Byway

State Highway 150 from the Wyoming/Utah border north to Evanston, forms the Wyoming section of the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.

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