Medicine Wheel Passage, Wyoming

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About Medicine Wheel Passage:

Drive the Medicine Wheel Passage from the Big Horn Basin into high elevation rangeland. Following Highway 14A, you'll pass through the Bighorn National Forest, and along the way, you'll take part in the rich Native American history and culture. From Bighorn National Forest to Connor Battlefield State Historic Site to Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark, get connected with the land and culture that have remained in this region for centuries.

Leave behind your vehicle to enter Bighorn National Forest; any motorized or mechanical vehicles are banned from this vast forest comprised of fir, aspen, pine, and spruce trees. Spanning over 1.1 million acres, recreation abounds in the forest’s cool atmosphere. Over 1,500 miles of trails offer ideal biking or hiking, and numerous trout-loaded lakes provide fishing. Wildlife such as black bears, moose, marmots, mountain lions, and deer reside here, so wildlife watching always proves interesting. Stay overnight in one of the 32 campgrounds for a night under the stars.

Seek peace at the Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark, located in the Bighorn National Forest on Medicine Mountain. Native American cultures revere this sacred stone circle for i

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