Pottery Road, North Carolina

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About Pottery Road:

Travelers wishing to veer off the beaten trail will be delighted with Pottery Road. Full of its own unique heritage and entertaining little quirks, the sights and detours around Pottery Road allow for both a history lesson and a chance to revel in the arts that are distinctive to this region of North Carolina.

Pottery Road is as good as its name  along this twenty-five mile stretch of country road, you will have more than one chance to marvel at the imagination and talent of pottery artisans that carry on a tradition that has been alive for more than two hundred years. Several families skilled in the art of pottery settled this area of North Carolina in the eighteenth century and transformed this region into a repository of pottery talent. There are eighty potteries clustered in this small county, with fourteen located along Pottery Road. Such a high concentration of a longstanding industry will give you ample opportunity to watch the creation of these works of art using time-honored practices. Any town along the Pottery Road will present a chance to purchase a vivid example of this pottery heritage to take home as a memento of your leisurely drive through this celebrated region. For a complete history of th

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About Pottery Road:
NC 705 is a state highway in central North Carolina; it travels mostly through the southern Piedmont Triad. The route is marked as the Pottery Highway or Pottery Road and as a North Carolina Scenic Byway due to the large number of potters in and surrounding Seagrove. The route takes the traveler through historic areas of North Carolina which have been making and selling hand-turned or "hand-thrown" pottery since the eighteenth century. The area potters specialize in traditional functional pottery as well as artistic pottery. The Cole, Potts, King, Auman, Owen, McNeill, Teague, and Albright families are eighth- and ninth-generation potters in Seagrove and the surrounding areas. Some of the oldest, historic pottery locations still in operation include the "Original" Owens Pottery founded in 1895 and Jugtown Pottery founded in 1921. Jugtown is on the National Registry of Historic Places.
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