Crowley's Ridge Parkway, Missouri

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About Crowley's Ridge Parkway:

As you drive along Crowley's Ridge Parkway, take in the dramatic landscape and rich history of this portion of the South. From fresh fruit and vegetables from the stands along the roadside, remains of an ancient inland sea, or historic and cultural spots, the Parkway offers much to see and do.

Lake Poinsett State Park offers more than a dozen campgrounds, boat rentals and miles of water to fish in. While you're there, catch a bucket full of bass, bream or catfish and enjoy your meal as you camp underneath the spiny leaves of the trees. The 22,600 acres of the St. Francis National Forest is one of the smallest forests in the country, but you can still let a cool breeze ruffle your hair as you bike among mountain trails or hike among wooded pathways. Mountain streams trail around the forest, so cool your feet off and take pictures to catalog the abundance of birds and other wildlife in the forest.

Prehistoric wildlife and other artifacts come to life at the Discovery Room, filled with information and artifacts of an ancient Mississippi Period Native American Tribe, the Parkin Archeological State Park provides you a variety of fun facts and living history. Once a thriving town that grew up around the

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About Crowley's Ridge Parkway:
Crowley's Ridge (also Crowleys Ridge) is an unusual geological formation that rises 250 to 550 feet (170 m) above the alluvial plain of the Mississippi embayment in a 150-mile (240 km) line from southeastern Missouri to the Mississippi River near Helena, Arkansas. It is the most prominent feature in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain between Cape Girardeau, Missouri and the Gulf of Mexico. This narrow rolling hill region rising above the flat plain is the sixth, and smallest, natural division of the state of Arkansas. Most of the major cities of the Arkansas Delta region lie along Crowley's Ridge. The ridge received its name from Benjamin Crowley, the first European settler to reach the area (near present day Paragould, Arkansas) sometime around 1820. The Civil War Battle of Chalk Bluff was fought on Crowley's Ridge in May 1863. The ridge is primarily composed of windblown sediment known as loess. The area contrasts greatly with the flat table land around it and with the black alluvial
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