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About Grant Wood Scenic Byway:

Length: 68.0 mi / 109.4 km
Time to Allow: Unknown.

The Grant Wood Scenic Byway is a symbol of the American heartland. Named for 1930's Iowa artist, the byway is a tribute to Grant Wood's skill in reproducing a place and a culture through his art. The works of Grant Wood are well known. Travel the Grant Wood Byway, and you will see where he found his inspiration for such artwork as "American Gothic," "Stone City," and other legendary pieces.

Eastern Iowa offers you a chance to create your own works of art by offering you such subjects as rounded hills, colorful woodlands, and the mighty Mississippi River. If exploration is more your style, journey through one of the many adventurous caves, canyon-like cliffs, or relax for the night at an Iowa bed and breakfast. The byway is located in eastern Iowa, and travelers can hardly help looking at it through the eyes of an artist.

Driving the Byway

The Grant Wood Scenic Byway runs through two eastern Iowa counties to the Mississippi River. The byway splits to include both a northerly and southerly route but connects at Andrew on one side and Maquoketa on the other.


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