Backcountry Camping, Grand Teton National Park , Wyoming

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About Backcountry Camping, Grand Teton National Park :

A trip into the backcountry requires advance planning. Download the backcountry trip planner for more details. *Please note that our backcountry brochure has not yet been updated to include the new bear canister regulations. Park-approved bear canisters must be used in the backcountry. The park provides canisters free of charge for use in the park.

All backcountry camping requires a permit. Backcountry camping permits are issued free of charge to walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits can be obtained at the Colter Bay and Craig Thomas Discovery and visitor centers, and at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station. Permits involving overnight camping while climbing or mountaineering may only be obtained at the Jenny Lake Ranger Station during the summer.

Bear-proof Canisters Required for Overnight Stays
Beginning in 2008, backpackers will be required to carry approved bear-proof canisters when camping below 10,000 feet in elevation. Bear-proof canisters are provided by the park or visitors may use any of the following approved canisters during the overnight stays in the park backcountry.

Bear Canisters Required News Release, 2008

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